We Are Buying Our Dream Home!


John and I will close on our dream house in 2 weeks! This has been a 2 year process and I cannot describe how amazing it feels to finally be able to own our forever home. Our home’s story is a bit unconventional as we just so happened to buy it from my parents.

My mom and dad bought the house in back in 2000 (I was about 15 years old at the time) and over the years they have poured their hearts and souls into making it the house that it is today.

This is the original house as purchased before they renovated and added an addition in 2008. There was no garage and not much landscaping.

Besides expanding the house, they also built a 1,400 sq foot 2 story barn. The barn is now all John’s domain and he has some pretty cool plans for it. My parents also added the pergola.

pond3 /
My dad and brother designed and dug this beautiful koi pond themselves. It sits right off of the pergola. It’s home to a couple koi fish, many gold fish, a turtle, a bullfrog and many little toads.


At one point there were numerous koi stocked in the pond, but over the years predatory birds killed most of them. How sad 🙁 but we plan on restocking the pond and will try our best to ward off any predators.

pizzaoven2 pizzaoven1

My dad and brother also built this amazing pizza oven themselves. It sits next to the barn and we have plans to build an outdoor kitchen around it.

Last Thanksgiving we even cooked the turkey in the pizza oven! It came out delicious!


The house also comes with the chicken coop my parents built! Isn’t it cute? We will most likely be keeping their chickens unless their new neighborhood allows them. Their current flock isn’t quite this big as in this picture, but I’m already researching chicken breeds in hopes of growing the flock again.


We will also be adopting our outdoor family cat Lola. She is about 14 years old and very comfortable here. We wouldn’t dream of relocating her in her old age.

wroughtiron1 wroughtiron 1

There is a lot of custom wrought iron all over the house and yard that my dad created himself…my dad is a blacksmith after all! He is so talented!

While my mom and dad were getting comfortable with the idea of downsizing over the past 2 years, they couldn’t stand the thought of completely letting go of the house forever to a stranger. They just put so much into the house over the years and to be honest, the thought of my family losing the house was painful to me too. Even John felt attached to the house and he didn’t even live in it like I did. In fact, I think John may love the house just a bit more than I do! No joke, he is obsessed with it.

ceremony2 ceremony1

We love the house so much that when we got engaged last year, the only wedding venue we considered was the house itself! We had a beautiful front yard ceremony this past June…


and a tented reception in the backyard.

Although the house is beautiful and has so many wonderful features, we do have a looooong to-do list with ways to continue improving it and truly making it our own. We are here for the long haul so we have plenty of time to get everything off our list checked off!

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