Planting Our Fall Garden

Although we close on our house in 2 weeks, we have been enjoying living here since Labor Day weekend. Now that we are in our house and actually have a backyard, we wanted to have a fall garden. We didn’t get to plan ahead because of the move so I started off very small. I’m using this time as a learning experience so if my efforts don’t yield much this time around then I am ok with it.

First step was to buy some transplants at the farmers market. I picked out 2 types of cabbage (hoping to make some good sauerkraut later!), romaine lettuce and beets (for beet kvass). I wanted some kale too but I didn’t like the selection so I passed on it.

Once I was back at home I finished weeding and pulled out all the plants that are no longer producing. Here is what the garden looked like before I started working in it.

While I was laboring in the soil, my husband was enjoying a beer while watching football in his new favorite room.

Lola was enjoying the nice crisp air in her favorite spot. The weather really was beautiful and made working in the garden enjoyable.

Back to the garden…the soil was loosened and ready for planting.

Here is my cabbage.

My romaine lettuce.

My beets.

About an hour later I spotted this little gal inching closer to the garden.

Soon a few of her buddies were making their way over too.


Here is John all perched up on the railing like a fellow chicken. The ladies left the garden area for a little bit, but eventually they did climb up into the garden and started scratching and pecking around so I had to chase them away.

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