First Signs of Fall 2014

The first signs of fall have been making their appearance this past week. We’ve been enjoying the drop in temperature and spending more time outside.

We are also loving the fact that we can open up our windows and let the breeze in.

Here is part of my view from the kitchen sink. It overlooks the flower garden and usually I can see hummingbirds and golden finch flying from flower to flower. It’s such a beautiful sight to see!

fall4 fall5
Early this week I noticed that the leaves on some of our trees are slowly starting to change. It was very subtle at first, but now the change in color is becoming more noticeable.

In the past 2 days I am noticing more and more leaves falling from the trees.

John will have his yard work cut out for him every fall for the rest of his life here. Here is a picture of my dad from several years ago. Just look at all the leaves that fall on our property! And this is just the front yard. Luckily John enjoys yard work so he isn’t scared of a few thousand leaves.

This past weekend we also started decorating the front porch for fall. Aren’t the mums beautiful? We set the yellow mums into our wedding candelabras. I just love re-purposing them! It brings back such nice memories of our wedding.

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