The beginning of our first garden!

One of the things that John and I are really looking forward to once we buy a house is to have our own garden so that we will be able to grow some of our own food. We both grew up with our parents gardening so that is something we would like to do as well.

Unfortunately, we live in a condo so we have zero yard to work with at the moment. We considered a balcony garden but that’s a no-go as ours gets very minimal sunlight. I thought I’d just have to settle for a few potted herbs on the windowsill until we become homeowners, but then we thought, why not ask if our parents will allow us to use their yard for our own garden for the time being? John’s parents were happy to lend us some space as last year was the first time they didn’t garden at all and they missed it. John’s dad said he will be happy if we just give him one fresh picked tomato 🙂

Emily, my future sister-in-law (her wedding is in 1 month!!), let me borrow her Square Foot Gardening book by Mel Bartholomew. She said she used this method years ago and it was a success. I read the book and looked up some resources online to become more familiar with it. The method seems easy enough and if you do a Google image search for Square Foot Gardening, you’ll see lots of beautiful examples.

John put together our 2 garden beds last Sunday. It was a very cold day, but he got it done. Our first stop was to Lowes to buy wood and nails. We wanted 2 beds so we purchased 8 pieces of 8 foot long wood boards. Lowes cut them in half for us so that we have the perfect measurements for two 4’x4′ gardens.

This patch of grass right off the driveway is the most suitable plot as the rest of the backyard is a bit hilly. We still need to remove that black rubber border and  the flowers behind it. John will take care of that this weekend while I’m at my bridal shower.

Here is John putting together our 2 beds. It was really cold out that day, but we are glad that it’s finished now.

Here are our beds! They will be pushed back more once John removes that black rubber border. Next we need to purchase soil and get that going.

We still need to sit down and discuss what we plan on planting but John’s mom already bought 3 plants. It’s a bit hard to tell in the above photo, but it’s a tomato plant, a jalapeno plant and a banana pepper plant (Can’t wait to have homemade pickled banana peppers!).

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